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  2. Trenbonolic
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    Trenbonolic Newcomer - SCAM WEBSITE!! 104m lost

    So I decided to sell my bank. I had 104m in total. I googled wich webside is ''trustable'' and pays most. Found this website with 24/7 chat service and etc. Did a quote and they answered straight away. I was given the instructions to meet them at GE on world 312. After I traded my money they double checked if my skrill email is the one I told them, I confirmed it. Then in a seconds they kicked me out of chat, and since then I could go on live chat with them. I changed my IP contacted em again asking if they will block me again and the answer was thestock is full sorry. So if anyone finds this website do not buy or sell anything to them it a SCAM!!!!
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    Gladiator Legend - SCAM WEBSITE!! 104m lost

    The website is not listed anywhere on Sythe, except where other users also claim to have been scammed by them:

    There are many fraudulent gold websites that operate online. I would highly recommend using a gold site from Sythe: Buy Oldschool RuneScape 2007 Gold (WTS threads) or a reputable individual for your gold needs. Remember to always request a sythe PM and follow the guidelines below to stay safe while trading:

    1.) ALWAYS request a sythe PM, make sure the PM includes both your Discord Name and UIDs as shown here: Discord PM Template. Example of a correct PM:
    2.) Familiarise yourself with who you can trust: Trading 101 - Vouches, donor status and how you can stay safe!
    3.) Learn how to stay safe from Discord scams: How to Identify & Avoid Being Scammed on Discord [Guide]
    4.) If you're still unsure how trustworthy someone is, use a middleman from here: MiddleMan Forums

    As for that particular website, I've added it to our black list here:
    Websites/Discords to avoid!
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