TheGriff - 2FA removal

Discussion in 'Account Recovery & Creation' started by TheGriffRec, Feb 9, 2023.

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TheGriff - 2FA removal
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  2. TheGriffRec

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    TheGriff - 2FA removal

    hey I changed my phone because my old phone got damaged and I lost access to google authenticator, and I'm trying to use my backup code and it doesn't work

    accounts username: TheGriff
    Profile link: TheGriff
    my backup code: [Redacted]
    Mail linked to the account: [Redacted]
    Phone number: not sure if I have linked my phone but this is mine [Redacted]
    my discord username: TheGriff#0001
    my discord UID: 935542150089818192

    if you need any other any other type of proof let me know

    I have access to my mail, and proof of discord chat how I pay the donations:

    donations ids and date:
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    TheGriff - 2FA removal

    Hello TheGriff,

    I have disabled 2fa on your account. Please be sure to re-enable it as soon as possible and write down your backup code in case you lose access in the future.

    Please also note that in the future you can just enter your backup code in place of your 2FA code to bypass it and disable it yourself.
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