The Collective Approach

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The Collective Approach
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    The Collective Approach

    Previously, Administrators were able to make executive, individual decisions regarding whether a user should be pardoned. This privilege has been revoked, and whilst Administrators may still individually veto pardon requests, they may not single-handedly pardon a user. Instead, a user may only be pardoned following collective assessment and staff voting.

    I have outlined how the process works below.

    Stage 1: Public Pardon Thread

    Once the pardon request thread has been posted, it has seven days to generate the support of five staff members. They must express their desire to see the pardon request be voted upon. If this is not achieved within a seven day time period, a staff member can deny your pardon request on behalf of the staff.

    However, if five members support your pardon request, it will progress to the second stage.

    Stage 2: Staff vote

    After securing the public support of five staff members within a seven day time frame, your pardon request will be moved and voted on by upper staff (Global Moderators & Administrators). To be successful, the user requesting a pardon must garner a 60% supermajority.

    Stage 3: Decision

    After the vote, you will either find yourself unbanned or you may remain banned. You are not entitled to the results of the vote. If, after two weeks, your pardon request has not been fulfilled, you can assume your request has been denied. You may ask a global for an update if you are unsure.
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