Teamfight Tactics Boosting Rules

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Teamfight Tactics Boosting Rules
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    Teamfight Tactics Boosting Rules

    • In the event of Ranked games being lost, resulting in the customer losing LP and dropping ranks, said booster must regain the original standing prior to the boost, and/or compensate the customer. If the aforementioned is not met, the result shall be a DNT which must be pardoned for. This also means losing ranked games on 0 LP.

    • Guaranteed Placement wins must be adhered to and completed. If the guaranteed wins are not attained, said Booster must compensate with extra wins post placements.

    • You must provide a refund if you do not complete the job you were paid for.

    • If you/said booster causes a customer's account to receive a ban for anything other than offences related to boosting/account sharing, you must provide a refund and compensation for the value of the account (only if the ban is permanent). This can be proven by procuring the email you will receive from The Tribunal, which will list the specific offence(s) you were banned for.

      - Scripting on an account while Boosting, is also a bannable offence here on Unless said scripting has been approved by the client, any scripting unknown to the client which causes the account to face a suspension, will result in your ban on Even if said account is not suspended, you will be banned from permanently.

    • Asking for free boosts on a booster's thread is not allowed unless they've explicitly stated that they're offering free boosts. You are also not allowed to hassle boosters via private message for free boosts.

    • Feedback and vouches from other websites are allowed to be posted, but must be specifically marked as offsite feedback. If you see someone breaking this rule, report the post and/or explain that they need to be marked as offsite feedback.
    • If the service you offer is outsourced or done by someone other than you, you MUST inform the buyer either through your Terms of Service or in Skype/PM. Failure to follow this rule would grounds for a TWC, market ban, or further consequences.
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