SytheLib Dev Log

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SytheLib Dev Log
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    SytheLib Dev Log


    Since I don't have time to develop currently as I'm in the airport all day, I thought I could write a log of everything useful I've learned as well as odd quirks to help new people get on board SytheLib in the future.

    To start, I think SytheLib is extremely useful. You can run it on top of almost any game on PC with its colorpicker and bitmaps.


    Most useful commands I've learned after 4 days:

    Scrape() - To save memory, SytheLib isn't always scraping your screen for the most updated frames as that would destroy the memory. Instead, it only scrapes when you tell it to and saves that into the backbuffer.
    Wait() - I use this often as it's just a Scrape() with a Sleep(200).
    LoadBitmapFromString() - It basically loads up a picture from a string (which you can get from slade).
    FindTextUsingFont() - Looks for font on the page.
    FindColor() - Looks and finds a certain color on the screen.
    ClickMouse() - Pretty self explanatory

    Weird Quirks:

    If you want to run multiple sythelib instances, it's recommended you move it to a new desktop on windows. If you choose to do this, you need to run the program @Sythe created here. When you are beginning to write a program you need to run:

    if (SetWindow("Old School") == ""){Die("Could not find runescape");}while(SelectInnerWindow("SunAwtCanvas")){}
    Notice how the SetWindow() is before the SetGDICaptureOn(). If this isn't done, your window handler won't work properly.

    The colorpicker is kind of odd (as expected). If you pick a color you need to make sure it's unique. For example, when I was scraping runescape for a rat on the screen (which is grey/brown), it would constantly think doors and trees were rats. To combat this, I would right click the object (door, rat, etc) and check if the words "Attack Rat" were in the options, and if so, click it.

    Another word bug I ran into was in windows, the default zoom setting on apps is 125%. With this, it degrades the runescape text and images. You need to change the default back to 100% while running sythelib scripts on runescape.

    I'll continue to update this thread as I learn more.
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