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    Sythe.Org Official MM Application
    UPDATED September 12th 2019

    The Official Middleman Application Process:

    For your application, a total of 20 total trades are required which are outlined below.
    This permits trades from any game that we endorse, or is spoken about on the site, ie Runescape, WoW, Steam, etc. This includes the real life trading market.

    For each trade that you use in your application, PROOF of the trade's success and occurrence must be incorporated in your application. The components that must be included in your PROOF are:
    • Discords of the users who are being middlemanned for
    • Sythe names of those being middlemanned for
    • Date
    • Proof of money/goods being sent/given to the middleman
    • Proof of the middleman giving goods to the buyer
    • Proof of the middleman giving goods to the seller
    • Both participants in the transaction confirming that the transaction was successful
    • Screenshots are essential - chat logs, clearly, are not accepted. We endorse Discord conversations only. Discord trades must also include the discord unique ID of each user. Videos are not accepted
    If you provide proof of a trade and any of these vital components are missing, that trade will be excluded from your application. If you are found to be faking any part of the trades, your application will be deleted and you will be banned.

    The Application Process - Full Overview.

    1. In the MiddleMan Application forum, create a new thread. Title it as follows.
    [Name]'s MM Application: Getting Proofs
    Example: Ryan's MM Application: Getting Proofs
    2. As you MM and collect proofs, post your screenshots in your thread. Feel free to PM the Head MM (Shin) to ask any questions throughout the process.

    3. When you have gotten all 20 proofs, change your title as follows.
    [Name]'s MM Application: Getting Recommendation
    Example: Ryan's MM Application: Getting Recommendation
    4. Get your staff member/veteran member to vouch for you in your thread. This member's vouch will be deemed either appropriate or inappropriate by the Head Middleman. If deemed inappropriate, your application will not be processed until you have acquired the fundamentally important vouch from a trusted member/staff member.

    5. When you have gotten your recommendation, change your title as follows.
    [Name]'s MM Application: Completed
    Example: Ryan's MM Application: Completed
    6. Your application will be thoroughly checked by the Head Middleman, and you will know in a week-two weeks whether you have been accepted or rejected.

    7. Once your applications has been reviewed by the Head MM, a poll and discussion will commence between all current Official Middlemen, this process will last no longer than 7 days. The current team will discuss your application and assess your trading habits to give an opinion on where they stand as far as their thoughts on your application.

    8. After this initial process, your poll will be moved to the Upper Staff Lounge where Global Moderators and Administrators will vote on your acceptance/rejection of becoming an Official Middleman. If you are accepted, you will receive the rank and features described at the beginning of this post. If your application is denied, the thread will be archived and you will receive a PM as to why your application was denied and some guidance on what to do next. This second polling process will again last 7 days.

    9. If you wish to apply for MM again, the proofs from your previous application cannot be used, regardless of whether they were excess or not. In addition, you must wait at least 2 months before reapplying, and must provide 10 NEW MM proofs of any size.

    Good luck to all.

    Check back frequently for updates.
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