Steam trade banned account (1000€ + CSGO ITEM)

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Steam trade banned account (1000€ + CSGO ITEM)
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    Nov 25, 2019
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    Steam trade banned account (1000€ + CSGO ITEM)


    I'm selling my steam account VAC and TRADE BAN since 3-4 years. I was supposed to be unbanned in 2025 but it has been changed in perma ban.

    Hereunder my steam link (only an overview is possible because if you are banned your inventory is private):

    Steam Community :: Gosph Hell

    200 case of winter/csgo1-2/sticker1-2 etc ...
    More than 100 item unlisted on market.

    Currently 1000€ on market value.

    The account has 94 games btw.

    Selling it 500€ (half of the price), it seems that some people can unban it but I'm too lazy.

    Crypto / Paypal.
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