Steam Account│5 digit│ │20 YEARS OLD│ │12 Sept 2003│

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Steam Account│5 digit│ │20 YEARS OLD│ │12 Sept 2003│
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    Steam Account│5 digit│ │20 YEARS OLD│ │12 Sept 2003│

    Hello everyone,
    I'm selling this 20 years old Steam Account.√

    whatshapp +994553689304

    Account details:
    Creation: 12th September 2003
    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:2XXXX ( for example : STEAM_0:1:XXX or STEAM_0:1:XXX )
    Games(50): Counter-Strike | Day of Defeat | Deathmatch Classic | Dungeon of the ENDLESS | Half-Life | Half-life: Blue Shift | Half-life: Opposing Force | Ricochet | Team Fortress Classic +42 GAMES!
    Restriction: No VAC ban, no Community/Trade ban
    Original Email: without

    We highly recommend you to add 5 euros into your steam account wallet or to buy a game worth 5 euros.
    This will provide you :
    • Ability to add friends and to create Steam Groups
    • 10+5 Years Veteran Badge for CSGO
    • 20 Years Old Steam Badge
    • Level 38

    Q: What is a 5 Digits Steam Account ?
    : Each Steam Account has a unique Steam_ID, it is like a serial number used to identify each account. A 5 digits Steam Account is an account which Steam_ID only has 5 figures (for example STEAM_0:0:XXXX; STEAM_0:0:XXXX). Those account were created on the 12th-13th September 2003, day 0 and day 1 after Steam has been released.

    Q: Why is this 5 Digits Steam Account so expensive ?
    : There are many reasons why such account is expensive :
    • It becomes more and more rare to see such old accounts into the market, especially 5 Digits Accounts.
    • Steam accounts are agging like fine wine, the older it gets, the more valuable it is.
    • Steam accounts are like an old car from the 1930s. A normal car from this ancient time costs more than a normal today's car.
    • Do you remember when one single Bitcoin was worth 1$ ? Then when it raised to 60k$+ you were thinking "why didn't I buy one bitcoin earlier ?" It's the same with a Steam Account. A today's 5 digits account will maybe worth 20 times his price in 10 years.
    • The release day of Steam was the 12th september 2003, which means this account has been created the same day Steam has been released, which makes you a very early adopter.
    • The account contains 9 games which has their own value.
    • If you want to invest into something that might be more and more valuable in the next few years, you definitely take a good decision to invest into a low Digits Steam Account.
    Q: Why is it so prestigious to play on a 5 Digits Account ?
    : Most players will tend to respect you more when they see your Steam_ID ingame by typing "status" in the console ( especially in Counter-Strike Series ). People will also check your public profile and directly see that you have a "20 Years Old Steam Badge" ( if you reach level 10 on Steam ).
    Playing with a 5 Digits Account will tend to send a strong message to teammates/opponents by telling them that you are an old school player with a lot of experience ingame.
    This will result into less cheat accusations towards you if you rekt your opponents too much, and less blaming on you from your teammates if you "play bad or make your team lose".

    Q: Will I be able to change E-mail of the Steam Account and password ?
    : Yes you will be able to change E-mail adress related to the Steam Account and also change password of the account.

    Q: Can I resell this Account in few years when the value of it will climb up ?
    : You do whatever you want with the Account once you've bought it. However, if you got VAC-banned on the account in the future and try to sell it afterwards, you will significantly reduce the value of it.

    If you have any question regarding the product, feel free to message me.
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