Sorry look at this one tribal

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Sorry look at this one tribal
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    Sorry look at this one tribal

    It says that i got banned for ban evading/scamming and something else
    I would like to know the full detail as i do not recall any of this, i just logged in one day and found i was banned
    I NEVER made another account on the i.p my first account was made, i do though use two one at my dad and one at my mums, and i know that my brother made another account before, and he never uses it anymore on the other i.p so you can ban that one, but even then the account was made before i was ban so if i understand right ban evading is , is when you get banned and then use another account to avoid it, so techically this doesn't make any sense in my part and would like to fill the missing detail, i mean if im banned i at least want to know the details as to why i was banned, I NEVER HAVE SCAMMED and never will(yes i choose to say this even though it sounds gay), i will happily like to discuss any details of the ban, so i could get unbanned and start posting of the misunderstood kids that play wow or watever game and need help.

    P.S i think before i talked to a Ex mod or still a mod on msn and the minute i asked to check why i was banned he/she just shouted saying BAN EVADER BAN EVADER [email protected]%$%@# YOU etc...then blocked yeaa.....

    ...only thing i could think of been a ban evader auctally is , is by somehow having the same i.p as someone else, though i do have static, i have several times logged in internet cafes in sythe with my account(not sure how internet cafes work but i think they share same i.p or do they use proxies?)
    Please know that only one of the account uses my dads and mums and that is the only account that is my real one and the others are someone's probelm and isn't fair if i get banned cause some other got banned having same i.p as me

    Copy and pasted from last post but i read my last dispute you answered(sorry didnt know until later) and can you please link me the self -vouch I PROMISE i never freaken self-vouch , and how can i look after my i.p when someone else has the same one, i cant stop him/her using it

    i would also just like to know the answer as to how/who i scammed, i find that this is the worst crime you can do in my opinion and would like to know how/who i scammed, if so the reason, ive come to the point where i think someone hacked me(but don't get to this until i can get to see some proof of the scam :(, i will try to repay watever my hacker scammed for unless its over 150 then im not bothering >>), i just want this all sorted, i hate when i have something in my head like this, and it really bothers me when i dnt have the answer to my ban yet >>

    and lastly this would lead to the ban evader thing, i really know think that if the "hacker"(if someone really did) banned my account, obiviously got away with scamming and found it watever feeling scammers get? and decided to probaly make another account to scam someone else, im guessing the guy failed? or did he not, can u post the guy that has the same i.p so that i can have a look at least please?
    DID i scam on the same i.p as i log on to normally?

    ...i just really think that someone just managed to be using the same i.p as me and who decided to start scamming or watever, but then that doesn't make sense cause i doubt the guy would then have my account, so i get to my last conclusion, BY SOME TOTALLY @$%#% bad luck, i forget to log off my account on a a internet cafe or something( cant be at my house, my small brother is only 10 hes not smart enough to do anything on sythe expect try and bot on rs) and then BY SOME BAD LUCK some guy who auctally is on sythe and goes TO THE internet cafe EXCAT SAME CAFE SOMEHOW ON That computer ALSO goes on sythe and sees my account and decided to scam,

    all this comes down to the same i.p i normally log on too, if i scammed on the same i.p as i normally log in too, and if i ban evaded on the same i.p i normally log on too AND if i scam on the on the same i.p i normally log on to then i can do nothing, and i know the disputes wont work(IF BY SOME 1 in a million that this all does happan i WOULD LIKE SOME LINKS TO ALL OF THIS)

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