Services for Questing (Building Rep) - No Cost

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Services for Questing (Building Rep) - No Cost
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  2. AvalonX
    Dec 14, 2018
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    AvalonX Newcomer

    Services for Questing (Building Rep) - No Cost

    I am and have been an avid player of RS since 04
    and I also enjoy building relationships through this game.
    Helping others along the way is a great way to do this.

    As a new member I am willing to provide Questing Services
    free of charge in an attempt to build trust and a reputation with
    Sythe and its members.

    Any tips are greatly appreciated but never required.
    Method of payment for tips shall be OSRS GP.

    I can and will do all quests within a reasonable time.
    Only exclusion is DS2.
    All stat and gear requirements should be acquired ahead of time
    however, some stat training can be done if it is minimal.

    Preferred method of contact is Discord and Sythe PM
    Discord: AvalonX#6868

    1. All quests will be done by hand and by myself and no one else
    2. Will Refund any purchase 100% before order is started. Once order has been started there will be no refund available.
    3. Any and all valuables unrelated to order will be removed from the account prior to the start of order.

    4. Password should be changed prior to start of order as well as after completion.
    5. Confirm orders through Sythe PM.
    6. I shall not be responsible for any and all disciplinary action against the account in question during or after the order. All orders done by hand and myself.
    7. By consenting to order you have also consented to have read and understood the TOS.
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  4. Dettsa
    Dec 7, 2018
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    Services for Questing (Building Rep) - No Cost

    Added you
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