Selling top 2k overall Hardcore ironman [Original owner][Hand made][PP/RSGP/BTC]

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Selling top 2k overall Hardcore ironman [Original owner][Hand made][PP/RSGP/BTC]
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    Selling top 2k overall Hardcore ironman [Original owner][Hand made][PP/RSGP/BTC]

    Selling my oldschool hardcore ironman account. Combat level 95. Account has never been botted and no one else has ever had access to it. This account I have worked quite hard on and it has taken really long time to train.

    It is in overall top 2k of hardcore ironmen. (Not standard highscore.)

    Quest points: 179. Legends quest, Recipe for disaster, Desert treasure, Monkey Madness 1 complete. (you can ask if you want to know more about which quests are complete.)

    Can verify the account ingame. Bank picture will be added shortly. Account has phoenix pet and barrows gloves + dragon defender.



    Please read carefully:

    Due to the nature of hardcore ironman mode NO REFUNDS after purchase. I'm the only owner of this account and will provide all necessary recovery info. You must keep this info only to yourself and keep it safe. I have proper antivirus programs installed and computer checked for viruses/keyloggers etc. so there is no chance anyone else would have access to this account. Also to increase account security you should not share login name and have good antivirus installed.

    Taking bids for the account. Paypal payment must be with atleast 50% rsgp to reduce the risk of chargeback.

    Do not trade before contacting me on sythe through pm and having me respond to you!
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