Selling starter PVM Macro scripts

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Selling starter PVM Macro scripts
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    Selling starter PVM Macro scripts

    I am providing a starter script with no set key bind's and a help guide to create your own customizable and very undetectable script's all information is there to get you started and on your way to any number of macro's I will also provide a service for creating custom macro's that are plug and play to suit your need's, it is a very simple program that anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able adjust themselves after reading the guide.

    I have personally used this macro for many year's of PVM and so have my friend's and there hasn't been a single ban.

    These macro's are easily able to do thing's such as.
    Deaths swiftness, ring + planted feet switch, back to oh weapon+ring
    Resonance in one keybind
    Auto use potion's or abilities at set and randomized times.
    Full gear switch in one button.
    Switch to special weapon, use special attack and switch back to main weapons in one bind.

    Extra personal assistance is an additional fee if you require a significant amount of additional help you are still expected to be able to follow the guide, However for the first 10 purchases I will provide the help for free to ensure guide is working well.

    I take all payments through paypal, in either USD OR AUD. Google conversion rate.

    Starter script + Guide $15 AUD

    Starter script + guide + extra personal assistance $25 AUD

    Custom script ready to go with upto 15 macro's $40 AUD
    Rework's $5-$15 depending on how many changes.
    (you will provide information on which keybinds you want to do exactly what and when and I will create it for you.)

    For purchase or additional question's message me on discord auxi#0513

    Thanks for reading and leave a review if you make a purchase as your feedback will help me and others.
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    Selling starter PVM Macro scripts

    This isn't AHK right? It's a custom system/plugin that interacts with the game?
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