Selling Range Tank (99ra, 99de, 98hp) VERY CHEAP

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Selling Range Tank (99ra, 99de, 98hp) VERY CHEAP
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    Selling Range Tank (99ra, 99de, 98hp) VERY CHEAP

    Hello all,
    I've decided to sell my old range tank...
    As much as I hate to part with him, I think I've moved on for good.
    Here are the current stats: [​IMG]

    I've never sold an account so I don't really know what information to provide.
    If you are interested please post the information you would like to see, and I will post it.

    It comes with all of the items seen in the picture, and the gold. Plus I have a few small items in bank (regen bracelet, berserker ring, full gano, etc)
    It also has 81 quest points
    It is not currently a member
    Combat level is 103+6

    I need to sell this for quick cash (college money) so I'm selling it for the low price of $55!

    I accept PayPal only

    Please ask questions if you have any!
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