Selling private undetectable wallhack for cheap

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Selling private undetectable wallhack for cheap
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    Selling private undetectable wallhack for cheap

    Hey, I'm a broke college kid learning to code in college, so I decided that I could make cheats for some extra money. Now since I just want to make some extra money I'm selling the cheat for very cheap. I am selling a simple wallhack for just $10. The cheat is 100% VAC/MM and FaceIt safe, and I am currently improving the cheat to make it safe for ESEA too. Send me an email at [email protected], if you are interested in the cheat, thank you.

    UPDATE: I got the cheat to be about 80% ESEA proof, by finding a little loophole in their system, that hasnt been detected yet. If the loophole is found and the cheat stops working for ESEA, I will fix it, same goes for FaceIt, I just found a loophole that is somewhat hard to find. It has some flaws and can no longer be improved in terms of ESEA, but with that being said, it still is very hard to detect.
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