Selling Maxed 2277 PMOD account

Discussion in 'High Level (2000+ total level)' started by maxedpmodseller69, Feb 6, 2024.

Selling Maxed 2277 PMOD account
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  2. maxedpmodseller69
    Feb 4, 2024
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    maxedpmodseller69 Newcomer

    Selling Maxed 2277 PMOD account

    Player moderator account, max cape on old school.
    Account is around 10 years old, only ever played by me.

    Account has a few pets and rare unlockables, most of the usual untradeables and such you would expect from a maxed account from around 2020 before I mostly quit playing. Bank is only a couple hundred million GP though, lost a lot of it staking back in the day.

    To keep pmod status: setup your own authenticator within 2 days and login at least once every 2 months. I'm not responsible if you get pmod removed after the sale.

    Pmods have a silver crown in chat, have priority report queue with possibility to temp mute players and are invited to jagex hosted pmod events sometimes.
    Also possible to join an official pmod discord which I haven't joined.

    bank pic:
    stats pic:
    crown pic:

    Looking for 5000€ in ETH or BTC

    Not giving any identifying info about the account except possibly to an admin for verification only.
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    Selling Maxed 2277 PMOD account

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