Selling Immortal Elo Main account

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Selling Immortal Elo Main account
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  2. tahopg
    Jan 5, 2022
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    tahopg Newcomer

    Selling Immortal Elo Main account

    Selling My main account

    Has Closed Beta Gun Buddy, Immortal Act 2 Gun Buddy

    Zedd Classic, MagePunk Ghost, Oni Phantom, Reaper Vandal, Sovereign Sword, and Recon Balisang (butterfly Knife)

    It also currently has 145 radianite. And all above skins are maxed out.

    If you have rep I am willing to go first but if not I would like to use a middle man if you do not trust me. Am looking for Paypal or BTC. Pm me if interested or message me on discord

    iTs Greece#1640
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