Selling Hearthstone | HOTS Account (Hoarded Currency!)

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Selling Hearthstone | HOTS Account (Hoarded Currency!)
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    Selling Hearthstone | HOTS Account (Hoarded Currency!)

    Hi. I'm selling my entire account to help pay off my student loans. I don't have a firm price for the account but will accept the best offer. I am going to be incredibly vague with stats for both games in this post. PM for details & screen shots.

    The account is well aged. It has only been used to play HOTS & hearthstone. No credit card has ever been used on the account for either game or to purchase any game. The games were played casually to waste time. The account will have the friends list cleared upon purchase.

    Heroes Of The Storm:
    ~Level 800
    Mastered a few seasons and should currently be unplaced diamond for the new season
    Unopened chests
    Missing only a very small number of heroes
    Has a lot of event items
    Hoarding about A LOT of the in-game currencies (gold, shards, and gems). You would certainly be able to buy whatever you think the account is missing.


    Between 10-13k unspent gold.
    ~50-60 unopened packs of different varieties
    All classes have be leveled a decent amount.
    never built a meta deck or crafted many cards so this is great for someone looking for a clean start.

    Again, this post is extremely vague so if you are interested, pm me so I can send you screenshots & more details. Trying to sell the account before January.
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