Selling GTA V account (comes with full gta 5 game)

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Selling GTA V account (comes with full gta 5 game)
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    Selling GTA V account (comes with full gta 5 game)

    Selling perfect gta 5 Xbox account!

    This account has enough money to buy you whatever you want that comes out including spending money in casino dlc, with 2bill+ cash. Rank 200-300

    this account owns all the businesses, like ceo, bunker, facility, hangar(with akula and other planes/choppers), 4 houses, maze bank tower, disco, vehicle cargo, biker etc, all the labs and etc, arena wars (with rc car and 2 other cars), terrobyte, mobile operation center,

    ceo office with 3 fully loaded garages with 20 cars on ea garage includes deluxo, tezeract, opressor, opressor v2, and much more! everything is fully maxed out!

    This account has all the super cars and all armored cars and all of them are fully upgraded of course.

    The account has avanger and with the tank khanjali and all other facility vehicles, the facility comes with the cannon room!

    all the stats are maxed out 100%!

    Note it has unlocked everything in the game also has the thermal scope with explosive bullets on its sniper.

    Literally maxed out and ready to go.

    The account will of course come with all info needed. If you really are interested i will provide more info!

    Discord: HatedOn#0001
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