Selling GPU Lot

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Selling GPU Lot
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    Selling GPU Lot

    I have a lot of used GPUs. All are in good condition, and have no problems except the PNY 1060 3GB. The front fan on that stopped working over time but im sure can be fixed/ replaced. I preffer to let them all go at once, which why im giving the discount, but i understand that people may not want 7 GPUs so i can sell as you want.

    FOUR GIGABYTE Raedon RX 580- $150/ GPU. $550 for All 4.
    Never mined on them. Used them in basically all my past builds for my business, PCs never sold, selling the cards here.

    ONE EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Single- Fan- $110
    Literally in out-of-box condition. Has been plugged into a mobo once and never even really used.

    ONE ASUS 1060 O6D 6GB Dual- Fan White- $$150
    Was main GPU for about 9 months or so, never mined.

    ONE PNY 1060 3GB Dual-Fan- $90
    Bought this off ebay as not-working. Plugged it in and the only problem with it is that the front fan isnt spinning. Still considered broken IG but easily fixable if that all thats wrong with it, which appears to be the case.

    ALL 7- $900 $775

    Accepting BTC or ETH only for this. If you are trusted I will accept PayPal, and if not you can get an exchange from a trusted member here-->

    Ships from NJ. Will pay shipping if you're in US.
    Leave discord/ kik/ telegram below or PM at last resort.
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