Selling both PvP & PvE services! #1 most reputable carrying website around!

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Selling both PvP & PvE services! #1 most reputable carrying website around!
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  2. arenacarry
    May 7, 2012
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    Selling both PvP & PvE services! #1 most reputable carrying website around!

    At we specialize in completing difficult achievements for our customers. We can get you gladiator title, 2200 arena or RBG rating, legendary daggers/staff, and much more! Some of our services even allow you the option to play alongside of our professionals! We also offer special discounts depending on your class and the current demands. If you desire a service that is not listed on our website, please contact us to receive a quote with no obligations whatsoever.

    We also sell gold on almost all US and EU servers.

    Lastly, we also own as well. Not interested in purchasing a PvP carry because you want to earn it yourself? Look no further! We provide instructional videos, articles, as well as a live chat feature where you can speak to rank 1 players in live time!

    With hundreds of successfully transactions behind us, we are the #1 most reputable and reliable carrying service out there. Check out our two websites today, or speak to one of the owners personally to find out more!

    Skype: baddieisback
    Aim: burnyoualiveownz
    E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
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    Selling both PvP & PvE services! #1 most reputable carrying website around!

    From my experience this site has zero care for keeping your money and not completing the service.

    Short Version:

    I paid for my first 5v5 carry. They guarenteed it would be done by a certain time or give me a refund. When it was not completed by that time they basically told me I was not getting a refund, and forced me to dispute the claim with paypal. They are now fighting the claim when they did not even do a single game on my character.

    Long Version:

    I wanted to share this with anyone that is considering using their service.

    November 16th - I decide I will never be able to get together a solid 5s, and it is the last 2200 achievement I need for arena master. I ask James A***** from if they are doing 5s carries to which he replies that they are. He tells me it is $400 and to pay as soon as possible.

    November 25th - I ask what is going on with the carry and get told that it will get done before the next server reset.

    December 14th - At this point I am a bit frustrated that the carry has not been done. I ask in a calm way what is going on. Here was the conversation.

    [12/14/2012 5:52:49 PM] Andy: hey what is going on with the carry....
    [12/14/2012 5:52:59 PM] Andy: i thought you said you guys were starting around tuesday
    [12/14/2012 5:53:32 PM] Andy: look if you guys are not done in the next week just give me a refund
    [12/14/2012 5:53:52 PM] Andy: you are telling me to trust you, but honestly i dont...and paypal has a 45 day period to dispute a transaction
    [12/14/2012 5:54:02 PM] Andy: i absolutely refuse to go over that period
    [12/14/2012 5:54:33 PM] Andy: so if you dont have it done in the next week if you do not give me a refund i will just dispute the transaction
    [12/14/2012 5:55:10 PM] Andy: it is just frustrating too that you guys pushed me to pay for something a month and a half in advance
    [12/14/2012 5:55:17 PM] Andy: anyways just giving you a heads up
    [12/14/2012 5:55:22 PM] Andy: let me know what you want to do
    [12/14/2012 6:10:44 PM] James A***** ( We're gonna play tomorrow or monday andy
    [12/14/2012 6:11:00 PM] James A***** ( will be done maybe before this reset, if not next latest guaranteed
    [12/14/2012 6:11:02 PM] James A***** ( or refund will be given
    [12/14/2012 6:11:16 PM] James A***** ( okay?

    [12/14/2012 6:12:42 PM] Andy: fair enough i am just giving you a heads up
    [12/14/2012 6:13:03 PM] Andy: i sent you money on the 16th
    [12/14/2012 6:13:10 PM] James A***** ( will be done before the 45 days if up
    [12/14/2012 6:13:11 PM] James A***** ( dont worry

    Notice the guarentee part. He guarenteed that it would be done be the end of next week latest or a refund would be given. That would be by the 24th of December.

    I then contacted him on the 18th reminding him of our previous conversation that I would ask for a refund, and he says okay.

    I ask again on the 24th of December for an update and I get.

    [12/24/2012 1:31:42 PM | Edited 1:32:47 PM] James A***** ( We were going to start it friday but after your threats we decided not to because so much time would of been invested for 5 people to just have you dispute. It takes 15-30+ hours to finish a 22 5's carry, and if we got to 2199 and finish the next day you said you'd dispute so not worth our time.

    I then ask for a refund and he tells me his accountant is out for the next 30 days, and he is unable to refund the money until then. I then tell him I do not want to risk it so I will just put in a paypal refute to which he responds:

    [12:55:01 AM] Andy : ok well i guess i will just be refuting it
    [12:55:12 AM] Andy : sry but there is a 45 day limit to refute it
    [12:55:34 AM] James A***** ( If you want to do that and lose, your carry will be considered completed.
    [12:55:36 AM] James A***** ( fyi

    [12:55:52 AM] Andy : well good luck
    [12:55:58 AM] Andy : my carry was never even attempted
    [12:56:04 AM] James A***** ( You threatened us
    [12:56:09 AM] Andy : i have proof not only in my skype
    [12:56:20 AM] Andy : but also i titled the payment for 5s carry for "my character name here"
    [12:56:31 AM] Andy : the toon does not have a 2200 achievemtn
    [12:56:45 AM] James A***** ( You threatened to dispute payment
    [12:56:47 AM] James A***** ( so

    It was my first time trying to buy a carry and most likely the last...this kind of customer service was by far the worst i have ever encountered. I could be one of the unlucky ones, but i really doubt it.
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  6. kanker
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    Selling both PvP & PvE services! #1 most reputable carrying website around!

    Add my skype: superkankers
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