[Selling] 99 fishing, 96 fletching, 93 cooking

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[Selling] 99 fishing, 96 fletching, 93 cooking
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    [Selling] 99 fishing, 96 fletching, 93 cooking

    Title says it all, I am the original owner of the account and have used it for the last year as an afk gp/hour source while I play my main. Getting rid of it because the pile is just big enough at this point that it's more of a task then a reward.

    Discord: Crispy#9159

    Has membership for 13 days as of today.

    Looking for OSRS GP for my main, just message me offers.

    Comes with e-mail, bank pin, angler outfit, 2 infernal harpoons, 1 dragon harpoon.
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