Selling 74 cb Range Voider! 82 RNG

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Selling 74 cb Range Voider! 82 RNG
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    Selling 74 cb Range Voider! 82 RNG

    i am selling my low level void ranger for a number or reasons, my ping is to high to play runescape (pvp), i dont have the time to level it up, and i want to focus on my main pvmer.

    im unsure as of what price i will be charging, but will be accepting OSRSGP only.

    Auto win is 90m! but im open to offers.

    comes with full void and access to asll god books. it also has over 100 pest control points unused, which you can use on whatver you want. the bank will be stripped of all value and only untradable will be left

    Upon buying this account, you will also gain the Email account which this is set to OR i can change the email to whatever you would like.

    please find screenshots below

    stats - Screenshot - 0e860b751a4ba8d9f035b8cab2384020 - Gyazo
    Ban history (none) - Screenshot - ef47a4e1674971606059554ec8d17568 - Gyazo
    log in (6 days membership as of 24-03-19) - Screenshot - 9176a879f029d592dd18419b0128906c - Gyazo
    combat level - Screenshot - 74fc1f1e43da84f33f09e9b286f17387 - Gyazo
    untradeables - Screenshot - 9bcb2d9b8869c96027335fa10055512d - Gyazo

    i will try to get back to any messages as soon as possible.
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