*Section Rules* [Please Read Before Posting]

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*Section Rules* [Please Read Before Posting]
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    *Section Rules* [Please Read Before Posting]

    This forum is not for selling or buying graphics, it is also not for receiving critique on your creations. Please post in the appropriate sub-sections.


    Overall rules of the Graphics Section:

    1. Ripping will NOT be tolerated whatsoever. Ripping will result in a forum-ban, and a temporary (or permanent) ban depending on the severity.

    2. Post your topics/threads in the correct section.
      → To get help with your work or have it rated and critiqued, post in the Graphics Gallery - HERE
      → To buy, sell or request Graphics work, post in the Graphics Marketplace - HERE

    3. Spam will be infracted, and remember to be considerate - don't post comments that could hurt or offend another user - especially if they are just beginning. If you're going to say you don't like it, then post why and how they can improve it. Threads requesting a rating will be locked and the original poster warned, or the thread deleted.
      Any posts in a thread along the lines of:
      will have their post infracted or deleted.

    4. No porn/nudity/hentai is allowed.

    5. Don't waste time - Trolling will not be tolerated- For example, don't make a topic saying "OMFG AWESOME NEW SIG!!!" and then displaying a 10 second work you did in Paint.

    6. Posting the exact same thing as previous posters is not acceptable; when 7 people in a thread all post "I agree with $user... $stuff is too whored/big/etc." it constitutes as spam - This will incur an infraction.
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