SCAR Runescape Scripts Rules

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SCAR Runescape Scripts Rules
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    SCAR Runescape Scripts Rules

    This forum is for working SCAR Scripts only.

    If you would like to request a script, please visit this link:

    If you need help with running a script or with scripting please visit this link:

    If you need to Download SCAR, please visit:

    In your thread please provide the date which the script was written and also when it was last updated.

    Please remember to fully describe what your script does. Tag it if necessary e.g [RS2][SRL]

    In your post, you must have a direct download to your script. Do not make us register on other sites to view your scripts!

    Only post scripts which have been created by yourself. Do not post other peoples scripts without their permission.

    Do not claim someone else's script as your own.

    Remember to always comment on peoples scripts and not just leech. It helps scripters create better scripts, and all scripters always appreciate feedback. Show them you care!


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