Scammed by Server: Neutral Zone

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Scammed by Server: Neutral Zone
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    Scammed by Server: Neutral Zone

    Scammer's profile link:
    This is their website: Neutral-Zone Clan Community
    This is a link to their server: Join the Neutral Zone Discord Server!
    Amount scammed: 100m
    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID: Neutral Zone + 591075471966470147
    Proof that it's their Discord:
    Gif 1. Captures Server UID
    Gif 2. Captures mod/admins UID in server
    Gif 3. Captures mod/admins UID outside of server + the agreement + confirmation of the payment happening.

    Screen capture - 5e6e780007541de0f6feb9359b3b9748 - Gyazo
    Screen capture - 0549a6ab37d4dd694605d3574996208e - Gyazo
    recording (3)
    Explanation of the trade: Did 1 month of membership for 60m. After the month ended I agreed to pay 100m for lifetime sponsorship, got blocked, and kicked from the server.
    How they scammed: Also tried contacting them via an alt, also got blocked there.
    Other relevant trade screenshots: I think this is more than enough

    I desire three things to happen:
    1. Me getting paid back 100m
    2. I want the server listed right here:
    3. There are also some sponsors from Sythe on there (I think @PartyPeteShop is one of them, @Bert I believe you've been warned but tagging you so you can notify the other sponsors. I got banned before I can PM them), please notify current sponsors so that they don't get scammed as well.

    That's all for today folks
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  4. King
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    Scammed by Server: Neutral Zone

    Noted UID of user that scammed you - 275561565229416449

    I've added this discord to the blacklist as well and notified those users about that discord. Sorry to hear about this @President.
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