scammed by prohockey_6

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scammed by prohockey_6
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  2. h3llz0n3arth
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    scammed by prohockey_6

    link to profile :

    Vouches if they were exchanged: i dont know how to copy paste them as a quote but u can see in my sig and his sig that they were exchanged

    Original Selling Thread:

    Proof of Payment:

    Any msn conversation you still have: will list below.

    Anything else you can provide that might help:

    IV SENT THIS EMAIL TO HAHANERD.. however here is the copy/paste for everyone else to see:)

    who hacked me: prohockey_6
    ~I purchased a runescape account (user name "end note") from prohockey_6 for $192 via pay pal on January 7th (1/2) and the rest of the money on the 8th.~ proof -
    when: first sign of me getting fully "hacked" was on 01-17-2011 at 09:13 PM. sythe member"prohockey_6" I received a forum pm from him saying his computer was keylogged, the hackers had access to his emails and stole "end notes" password and all the account information. he also said that they stole all his other accounts and got them defence however when I asked what there names were (so I can see if they did get def he wouldn't give me there names) I knew one of his accounts but he changed the name to it so I couldnt look it up. he also said that the hacker stole $3000 from his paypal account and he has notified the police. here is proof that he sent me the mgs
    ok at this point I had to think rationally.. I put a bank pin so I knew he couldnt steal anything right away .... I was thinking "WHY would he want to get banned from sythe for nothing in return.. he was hoping I didnt have a bank pin." so I sent him this mgs - I told him I didnt have anything on the account and that I was using borrowed weapons.. he couldnt full take the account back with nothing on it.. wats the point?
    as soon as he sent me that first mgs I tried to log into end note and the password was changed. I quickly recoverd the account using the info he gave me and saw that the fucking ip address was the exact same as when I bought the account ANDDDDD it was the exact same internet provider!!! "shaw highspeed" lmfao.. proof -
    proof that he said shaw highspeed is his internet provider -
    after that he came on msn.. this is our convo, theres some key points and flaws in here to his story.
    part 1-
    part 2-
    part 3-
    part 4-

    after I got the account back i had it for a few hours till 1am? I told him kk going to bed... (I wake up at 430am in the morning for work fml) and when I woke up the account was stolen again.. I had my jmod friend lock the account and I tried to get it back but it didnt work only the original owner can get the account back with the ip once the account has been locked... he got me the account back again but wtf the account Is useless to me now, ill never have account security I would hav never bought the account if I knew I couldnt recover it. I wrote this email because I will be calling paypal and getting my money back and would like your approval in terms of getting this guy banned and agreeing that I should be refunded my money. I think this guy is total bs theres no way ppl stoke 3grand from pay pal theres no way he got hacked.. he hoped I had stuff on his account and because I bought so many fucking quests and 2 first capes, got him 800k xp in str and 2 hp levels that I had stuff on his account to take back...
    thank you for ur time sorry theres a lot here to read I just wanted to make it as detailed as possible. I think theres more then enough here to prove myself but if there is ANYTHING else u need plz ask me
    cheers 

    ok so after I wrote this email... he was very apologetic and dint want to get banned from sythe (obviously) he begged and said it wasnt him so I thought id give him another chance.. I told him my friend is putting a phat and 500mill on end note and pking tomorrow and that id get back from work at 4 and spend even more money on mills... here is the convo:

    well the noob failed the test.. I tried to log on today and boom pass changed I asked him what was up and he said he'd take a look(he said none of his other accounts got hacked).. once again he logged into end note and saw there was no items :) failed hacker! I told him "oh thx god my friend had to go into work today and wont be back till tonight so I have to wait to xfer money" I told him im going to report the account hacking to sythe and he said "no need I got the account back:D" and now its in my hands.. but I dont want this I want my money back I deserve it back.. I have no account secuity and im sure I provided enough proff LOL... let me know what u think :)
    also he tried to tell me I need to return his red mask that I xferd when I purchased the account.. I dont think I need to do this? he tried to scam me and now he got caught he wwants his money back lol? I dont think I should be forced to give a scammer back something that should have been mine..
    iv called visa and had this payment backcharged also called paypal.. lets get this noob per banned
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    scammed by prohockey_6

    Banned, thanks.
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