Save/Load ListBox C#

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Save/Load ListBox C#
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    Save/Load ListBox C#


    I used this code snippet in C# for a cracker that loaded lines of text into a listbox:


    This is the exact opposite of the last code snippet but this one saves it to a text file:

    Both of these code snippets are very easy to incorporate into your own project by changing the names in here to the updated names in your code.

    It is also easy to modify so you can import it into a System.Collections.ArrayList or even a System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection if you are using points etc.
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    Save/Load ListBox C#

    Thanks for the tutorial. I'm keen to use this when my computer's internet with Visual C# 2005 Express Edition starts working again.

    Do you use C#--normal or Visual C# .NET 2005 Express edition?
    You should try it out. The Visual express edition is free. Just search it in Google.
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