[S] Darkscape Account -All Stats 70+

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[S] Darkscape Account -All Stats 70+
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  2. AgentAv
    Jan 25, 2016
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    [S] Darkscape Account -All Stats 70+

    Auction Starts at: USA 120$ Instant at 300$ USA


    Bank of 500+ Ovl
    Has a Great Player Owned House 20mil+ spent
    Will included registered email.
    Membership will expire May 17 2016.
    It has 10 Skills at 99.

    The reason I am selling my account is because of college. Need 4 more years and cant have distractions near me because I love playing Video games , Also have LOL account for sale from LAN if intrested. Back to the topic, College is "Owning" me and i really need to stop playing.

    Will use a mm An comunicate though Skype if necesary.

    PS: English is not my 1st language so my typing maybe off a little.
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