RuneTopic - A new RSPS platform [Staff/support needed]

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RuneTopic - A new RSPS platform [Staff/support needed]
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    RuneTopic - A new RSPS platform [Staff/support needed]

    Hello Sythe community! The last few weeks I have been working on a new rsps platform called RuneTopic. I have gotten lots of the design/backend done, etc. The design is not done so please bare with me, lol. RuneTopic is a new RSPS platform which will include features such as toplist, blog, reviews system which allows players to post a server they enjoy along with a screenshot (Similar to a timeline/bump feature), We will also have unique tools for rsps server owners, an API, and eventually much more..

    I am looking for anyone whos interested in this project, and / or wants to join the team.
    I need someone to advertise as well (Discord invites etc) WILL PAY.

    Below is a snippet of how it looks so far.
    Join our discord here:

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