Runescape Weapons Guide

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Runescape Weapons Guide
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    Runescape Weapons Guide

    There are many skills and over one hundred quests you can do in Runescape - you can make many new friends and have Runescape adventures with your friends. This guide talks about one of the most important features of the game: Runescape combat and its weapons.

    Basics of Runescape Combat

    First off, there are three main types of combat; Melee, Magic, and Range (archery to some). Some people prefer only one of these skills while others prefer to train up two or all three of the skills. These three types of combat have their own advantages and disadvantages that are represented in the Runescape combat triangle.

    The combat triangle is the situation where melee has good defense and offense against Range because arrows easily bounce off that hard, bulky metal and swords can easily cut through soft durable leather. Rangers will have the upper-hand again mages users because arrows can easily pierce those thin robes and magic is deflected against leather and dragon-hide. Magic users (commonly known as mages) will normally be seen trying to fight a warrior because magic can be shot from longer distances than arrows and the armor has a very weak magic defense and is much heavier than the light robes that mages where allowing them to run for longer. All types of combat also have their own styles to use for accurate, aggressive, or defensive measures.

    Best Runescape Weapons

    What people perceive to be the “best Runescape weapons” largely comes down to personal preference and also depends on how much you play Runescape training your combat and what sort of stats your characters has which can vary greatly from player to player. More attacks and weapons can be used the higher your level in a particular combat skill. Let’s start with melee:

    Runescape Melee Weapons

    First time fighters will have level one attack. This is the only skill required for wielding weapons, but people try to raise their strength, or they will only hit low amounts of damage. At level one attack you can wield only bronze and iron weapons. Both are very inexpensive, but at the same time are not very good weapons.

    At level five attack, you will find you can now wield some stronger steel weapons. These are still quite inexpensive.
    At level 10 attack, the black weapons are opened up to you. These are the first of two metal weapons (and the only free member weapon) that can’t be made using the smithing skill. While inexpensive, they are harder to find as few stores sell black items.
    At level 20 you can use the mithril (also known as “mith”) weapons! These are sometimes the last type of weapon in a store, but some won’t stop here. Still not expensive, but they are not cheap either for beginning players.
    At level 30 you can use adamant (also know as “addy”) swords and the like. Addy weapons are more expensive for some players and are the last free member (F2P) weapons sold in normal stores.
    Once you have reach level 40 attack and can use the best Runescape free to play weapons - Rune! Rune weapons are quite expensive and there is only one shop that sells them in free member, the champions guild which is south-west of Varrock. They can also be bought from other players and be smithed by high level smithers.
    The best weapon in Runescape for free members is Rune scimitars (also known as “scimmys”). These scimitars are fast and accurate yet still relatively powerful. Some people also prefer two-handers (aka “2h”) – this weapon that cannot be used with a shield as they require two hand to wield so they leave you slightly more prone to damage and they are fairly inaccurate yet they make up for all this by packing a big punch. Other people often like to opt for the battle axe (also know as a “baxe”). These weapons are stronger but slower than the scimitar, yet and are faster but weaker than the two-hander. They can also be used with a shield.

    Runescape Range Weapons

    Range is the simplest combat form, the least expensive, and the fastest and most accurate. All you need is a bow and arrows and it requires two hands. At different levels of range you can use different bows and arrows. There are long bows and short bows. Short bows are preferred as they are faster and more lightweight while the longbow can shoot farther distances. There are also crossbows and their bolts which I will go over later.

    At level one range you can use a normal short or long bow and bronze or iron arrows.
    At level 5 range you can use oak bows and steel arrows.
    At level 20 range you can use willow bows and mithril arrows.
    At level 30 you can use maple bows and adamant arrows. These are the highest range weapons you can use as a free member.
    For level 40 range you are allowed to use yew bows and rune arrows.
    At 50 range you can use magic bows and any arrows.
    An alternative to wooden bows and arrows, you can use crossbows and bolts. Their advantage is being one handed, meaning you can use a shield. The disadvantage is being slower, heavier, and harder to make. Free members can only use two crossbows, the regular crossbow and the phoenix crossbow, both requiring level one range and only being able to use bronze bolts. Bolts can also be fitted with gem tips.Paying members (P2P) can use bronze crossbows at level one. From there:

    Blurite crossbows and bolts can be used at level 16 range.
    At 26 range, iron crossbows and bolts can be used.
    The Dorgeshuun crossbow requires 28 range and can use bone and iron bolts with out gem tips.
    At 31 range, the steel crossbow and bolts can be acquired.
    Mithril crossbows and bolts are used at level 36 range.
    Once 46 range, a ranger can use adamant crossbows and arrows.
    Finally, the rune crossbow and bolts can be used once level 61 range.
    Most rangers use the best bow they can use at their range level. The arrows they use depend on how much money they want to spend buying or making them. Most people training prefer iron and steel arrows, but while “player-killing” (also known as Runescape Pking), most rangers will use the best arrows they can.

    Runescape Magic Weapons

    Probably the most favored combat skill for player-killing and quite complex for the game of Runescape. While magic can be used for fighting, it can also be used for other uses such as teleporting, changing the appearance of some items, helping others, and much more! While there are no magic level requirements for using different magical objects, you need magic levels to use different spells. Since this guide is about combat and weapons, we will only go over spells and items that can be used to fight:

    Runescape Staffs

    Magic only requires one hand so a shield can be wielded. You can buy staffs in staff shops or from other people. The staffs are Battlestaff (P2P), Staff, Magic Staff, Elemental Staffs (Air, Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire; have unlimited amount of runes for the type of staff it is, e.g. fire staffs have unlimited amounts of fire runes) Lava Battlestaff (has unlimited amounts of earth and fire runes and is P2P), and the Mud Battlestaff (unlimited water and earth runes and is P2P). Staffs can be used for melee but are very weak. Battlestaffs are much stronger for melee. All staffs can be set to auto-cast spells.

    Runescape Runes

    Runes can be bought from magic stores, other players, or made. Most runes are for F2P and include Elemental runes, body runes, mind runes, cosmic runes, chaos runes, nature runes, death runes, and law runes. P2P runes also include blood runes, soul runes, astral runes (required for lunar magic, which we will go over later), and combination runes; a mixture of two elemental runes (thus saving an inventory space). The only runes not used for some type of fighting are nature, astral, and law runes. The runes required to attack and do damage to other players includes mind runes (strikes), chaos runes (bolts), death runes (blasts), and blood runes (waves).

    Runescape Magic Spells

    Strikes are the weakest of the spells. You need to be level 13 magic to use all the strike; air being weakest, then water, earth, and fire being the strongest.
    Bolts are slightly stronger and used more for training. At level 35 magic, all bolts can be used.
    Blasts – Blasts are the strongest F2P spells and all of them can be used at level 59 magic.
    Waves – The strongest of the spells for normal magic, all waves can be used at level 75 magic.
    Different Types of Runescape Magic

    There are 3 different types of magic – Normal (F2P), Ancient Magicks (P2P), and Lunar (P2P). Normal magic is the starter magic and is used for aggressive and non-aggressive uses. Ancient Magicks requires a quest and is more aggressive with a few teleports. These spells are very strong, but also quite expensive in runes. Lunar Magics also requires a skills but is has no aggressive attacks and even has spells to help other people! It requires astral runes for all spells.

    Runescape Special Weapons – Dragon Weapons

    Dragon weapons, and almost all special weapons, are P2P only. All Dragon weapons require a quest to acquire them and level 60 attack to equip them. They are red in color and have their own special attacks. Special attacks can be used by clicking the fighting style menu and highlighting the green bar at the bottom. When in combat, you will use that items special ability and drain part of your special energy bar. When your bar is empty, special attacks can no longer be used until the bar has recharged.

    Other special Runescape weapons include:

    Abbysal Whip - transfers 10% of your opponents energy to you.
    Granite Maul – Instantly attacks enemy even if you just attacked them
    Excalibur – Raises your defense temporarily by 10%
    Seercullbow – Inflicts damage plus reduces the magic level by the number of damage inflicted
    Darklight – Reduces an opponent’s attack, strength, and defense
    Magic Longbow- An accurate shot that will definitely inflict damage
    Magic Shortbow – Two quick arrow shots, but will hit with less accuracy
    Crystal Bow – Does not have a special attack but is 80% more accurate than a magic longbow and hits higher than rune arrows and it does not use ammo
    Rune Throwing Axes – Will hit many enemies in a multi-combat zone
    Rune Claws – Temporarily increases strength and attack for that hit, but slower
    Rod of Ivandis – Captures a Vampyre Juvinate that has low health (1/3), allowing you to use a Guthix Balance potion on it
    Bone Dagger – Lowers opponents defence by the amount of damage you inflict. Has a very good chance of hitting an unsuspecting opponent
    Dorgeshuun Crossbow – Same as bone dagger

    This Guide is ripped off ERs4coin With Permission TY
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    Runescape Weapons Guide

    pretty good guide. very detailed also
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