RuneScape 3 - Selling all Fire and Kiln Capes

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RuneScape 3 - Selling all Fire and Kiln Capes
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    RuneScape 3 - Selling all Fire and Kiln Capes

    If you’ve found your way over to this thread, then I can deeply resonate with the frustration and anger you most likely have endured with trying to achieve specific PvM’ing titles and capes as of late.

    You’re tired of emptying your bank on rocktails and brews every day, depleting aura after aura, spending unlimited time and effort in pursuit of that one title and cape which you feel like you’re no closer to achieving.

    It may be because you lag, don’t have the time, lack the connections needed to form a high quality PvM’ing team, or just suck at PvM in general :p. For whatever reason, you just cannot seem to reach that enrage level or complete those feats that your friend seemingly did overnight.

    With Telos kills exceeding 1000%, as well as having achieved notable titles of ‘Daredevil, ‘Defeater', 'Arachnofoe' and the ‘Final Boss' (100+ kills in EVERY boss on RuneScape), I am certain that I can be the solution to your problems!

    Gyazo - 245b221980958e3addb61cf2120ca84a.png

    For an affordable price, I am happy to provide my services in helping you to achieve those goals and obtain those capes and titles which you can show off to the RuneScape community wherever you may go.

    Notable services include

    - All 3 kiln capes

    - Fire cape

    - ‘Defeater’ title

    - ‘Warden’ title

    - ‘Daredevil’ title

    For request on items and titles not listed, feel free to message me to arrange something!

    Hope to hear from you soon,

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