RSCSlay - The New home of Runescape Classic Players

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RSCSlay - The New home of Runescape Classic Players
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    RSCSlay - The New home of Runescape Classic Players

    Miss the oldschool runescape classic feel???
    Login now to see your old mates and new players alike at the

    best server online
    Grand Re-Opening of the server Friday the 13th!
    Drop parties and events to go on throughout the weekend. A

    possible experience boost too for new players.

    Points panel to freely change attack, defense, strength.
    Everything else is experience based.
    10x rates for everything.
    18x combat stats if in the wilderness.
    Boss roaming in the wilderness.(black knight titan)
    Smithing interface
    Client resizable (up to full screen)
    Capture the flag
    Pvp tournamnets
    21 skills (slayer, runecrafting)
    Training spots in the wilderness

    The only server where there will not be any corruption and

    modifed favoritism, because I won't let it happen.

    Let this be the home where you like to come and stake all day,

    or pk all night. Skillers included too :)

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