Requesting a DNT/Safety Ban

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Requesting a DNT/Safety Ban
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  2. Liam
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    Requesting a DNT/Safety Ban

    To my friends and customers:

    Some of you who do direct business with me may have noticed recently I have not been responsive or active much at all. I am just over 1 week away from moving to the other side of the world (UK to China) so as you can imagine it has been a difficult and stressful time for me as of late.

    I have a lot to do once I arrive including opening bank accounts, moving in to my apartment, and registering my information at the local embassy. I will also be switching phone networks which will mean I will have to change all of my security settings that are relative to SMS.

    This is to announce that I am about to completely offline for some time. I am unsure how long but it could be as short as a couple of weeks, or as long as a couple of months. I will be requesting "safety bans" on most forum market places I am part of. For those who do not know, a "Safety ban" is a requested ban during periods of inactivity to prevent hackers from hijacking forum profiles etc. As I take my business seriously I have decided to request safety bans for the best interest of the community.

    I noticed a few of you messaged me with questions over the past few days and I was unable to address them within a reasonable time frame, therefore your best course of action is to please contact Jacky#4229 for any questions relative to our discord. Jacky is DNT on sythe so he cannot trade on my behalf, therefore all of my personal business ventures are as of now terminated. However all inquiries relative to our discord server can be handled by Jacky on my behalf as it does not involve any trading or movement of assets.


    - Liam


    As @Charlotte has received documents in private of my identity I would like her to handle this request if she is not away. I am happy with any other mod/admin granting my Safety Ban/DNT request, but would prefer Charlotte to handle it.

    When I am settled in China and am ready to come back to the community I understand proving my identity is important. I would like to have either @Kaii , @chuckle , @Realist or @Jacky to confirm my identity as they all have me on facebook. I have given 4 options incase 1 or multiple of them are unavailable at the time.

    I would also like to say in advance I am unsure whether or not my 2FA device will need changing, so if I do request removal of my 2FA I would like to have my identity confirmed first. I made a topic about this a few months ago: A few questions for when I move to China

    Thanks for taking the time to read this quite unique of a request and thank you all members of staff for the great help here that you do.

    I am going to miss you all.


    - Liam / Lime :D


    Contents must include:
    • Your profile link: Lime
    • Your total debt: NOT APPLICABLE
    • List of offences you've committed and ban reason given to you: NOT APPLICABLE
    • If you scammed, have you made any follow-up attempts on contacting your victims or received any response(s): NOT APPLICABLE
    • Anything you wish to add: Please ensure the DNT/Safety Ban rank is clickable and links to this topic to avoid any unwanted speculation on the nature of my DNT/Safety Ban.

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  4. Gen
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    Requesting a DNT/Safety Ban

    DNT granted. Safe travels.
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