Request a Pardon-Saima

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Request a Pardon-Saima
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  2. saima
    May 23, 2018
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    saima Best rates for OSRS GP

    Request a Pardon-Saima

    • Your profile link:
    • All of your Sythe Accounts:
    • Report/post/reason that got you banned:
    • Proof of contacting victims for repayment or repayment of victims on my last pardon request the victims were paid.
    • Anything you weren't banned for but want to confess to now: none
    • Detailed description of the events that took place and why you think we should forgive you: I was banned for being associated with someone who had previously scammed on this website as I knew them personally but I accepted to be able to rejoin I’d have to repay the debt that was owed which I did in my last pardon. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in to sythe for it to be taken away because of someone else’s actions. I donated money to sythe I also have a lot of vouches and invested a lot of money building up my sythe account to be part of the community and wish to really come back. As I got banned because of a connection to another user I never actually scammed anyone and never have the intention to do so I enjoy being part of sythe and making sales. I want to build up my reputation again as getting this DNT made me lose so much trust as I had people working for me completing some jobs and I lost them and everything else with this DNT.
    • Did you fully read and follow this sticky thread in the pardon section?:yes
    • Previous pardon link(s) if applicable:
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  4. Pirate
    Aug 14, 2016
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    Pirate something gay

    Request a Pardon-Saima

    Welcome back @saima ,

    I have looked over your pardon once more just to make sure I haven't missed anything, and everything looks good!

    1. [Scamming; @RsBaller69] [REPAID] rsballer69 scammer report
    2. [Scamming; @RsBaller69] [REPAID] RsBaller69 Is a Scammer
    3. [Evasion; @saima] saima

    I will now move your pardon to voting results can take up to two weeks and when a verdict is reached, your name will be shown in this thread.
    Until then please remain patient, if you have any other questions you have my discord.
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