Report for Goldservice LTD

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Report for Goldservice LTD
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    Report for Goldservice LTD

    Scammer's profile link: GoldService LTD
    Explanation of the trade: Rented his staker for an hour. Had rented from him before so thought it was cool and didn't check sythe because im banned right now
    Amount scammed: 28m
    How they scammed: Recovered account after I put money on it to stake
    Proof that it's their Discord: [​IMG]
    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID: GoldService LTD#2888 UID - 558941688119164938
    Other relevant trade screenshots: [​IMG]
    Photo of accepted trade between me and myself while on the staker. Did have nvidia shadowplay on but closed rs in a fit as soon as he recovered

    Was semi my fault as I didn't check sythe to see if he was still renting but yeah very unfortunate.
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    Report for Goldservice LTD

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