Remove 2A (updated my phone can't login)

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Remove 2A (updated my phone can't login)
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  2. Grant Bradleyy

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    Remove 2A (updated my phone can't login)

    • Make sure you're posting your request from a home IP
    • Recovery phone number (If applicable): [Redacted]
    • Recovery phrase (If applicable): can't remember if i put one
    • Current registered email address***: [Redacted]
    • Skype/Discord used in the past or present: thatsnotmykid#9481
    • If you have donated directly through PayPal;
      • Transaction date and amount: [Redacted]
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    Remove 2A (updated my phone can't login)

    Hello Grant Bradley,

    All sensitive information will be hidden from the public.

    Please provide as much of the following as you can:
    • Previous ISP/Log in locations:
    • Recovery Phrase, hint: f*** f***
    • Exact donation date + donation amount and proof of donation (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • If your registered email contains your real name, please provide proof of this in the form of an ID.
    • If your registered birthday is your actual birthday, please provide proof of this in the form of an ID.
    To reply please post a new thread titled merge, do not edit your information in.
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