READ THIS FIRST! Pardon Rules and Template

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READ THIS FIRST! Pardon Rules and Template
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    READ THIS FIRST! Pardon Rules and Template

    About Pardons

    In this forum users may plead their case and request a pardon:
    Pardons are about admitting to past offenses and requesting forgiveness from staff to be unbanned and allowed to return to the site.

    For information regarding the DNT (Do Not Trade) rank and how to apply for one, click here: Request a DNT
    If you feel like you were banned or DNT'd in error, please use this forum instead: Dispute a Ban, DNT or TWC

    Pardon Procedure

    Review: A staff member will review your pardon request, ensuring all scam victims have been repaid and that no other pertinent information has been left out. Once this process is complete, the staff member will notify you that your pardon has been moved to voting.

    Voting: Pardons passing review will be copied to the staff lounge (consisting of all staff members) for voting. Voting will last for 1 week, requiring a minimum of 9 votes and a 60% majority to pass or fail.
    If 9 votes have not been placed, or exactly 9 votes have been placed without a 60% majority (4-5 or 5-4), the poll will be extended for 1 week and all remaining staff members will be asked to vote.

    After voting has concluded, you will find the result of your pardon here.
    If your pardon is denied, you may request a pardon again 6 months after the denial date listed on this thread. However, if you have a DNT and no outstanding debts you may request a pardon again 3 months after your denial date instead.

    Rules and Requirements
    1. Your pardon MUST use the proper template and thread title format posted below. Pardons are also required to be posted from a home IP. No proxies or VPNs allowed.
    2. Be able to demonstrate reform of character and legitimate regret for your offense(s).
    3. Be able to demonstrate good will toward the site without hostility, and be willing to accept the verdict of this pardon process without complaint.
    4. Repay all victims and provide evidence of this. You must reach out to your victims in an attempt to contact them directly for repayment. If there is no response, or a victim is inactive, your repayment funds will be held in our community repayment wallet where your victim will be able to collect them at any future date.
    5. Conditional pardons (returning with a TWC/DNT etc.) are no longer permitted.
    6. Pardons may instantly be denied for 6 months in situations where pertinent information is purposefully left out.
    7. Pardons that do not meet the above requirements will be locked and need to be resubmitted.
    Thread Title Format


    [Your Username] requesting a pardon for [Ban Reason]
    Dragon15 requesting a pardon for attempted scamming

    Pardon Template
    Your profile link:
    Profile links for all of your Sythe accounts:
    Report/post/reason that got you banned:
    Proof of contacting victims for repayment or repayment of victims:
    Anything you weren't banned for but want to confess to now:
    Detailed description of the events that took place and why you think we should forgive you:
    Have you fully read and followed the pardon rules and requirements in this thread?
    Previous pardon link(s) if applicable:
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