READ THIS FIRST! Information you need to know before posting

Discussion in 'Account Recovery & Creation' started by Gen, Aug 25, 2020.

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READ THIS FIRST! Information you need to know before posting
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    READ THIS FIRST! Information you need to know before posting

    Will my information be shown to the public? -

    Threads in this section require approval to be visible. Please title your thread with your EXACT username followed by the purpose. For example: "Username: Account Recovery" or "Username: 2FA Removal"

    We will censor ALL private or sensitive information prior to approving your thread.


    How do I post/reply to my thread? (Even without an account!) -

    You can post new threads and reply to existing threads in these sections without having a Sythe account logged in, so there is no need to create a new account.

    To create a new thread:
    Simply click "New Thread" as normal: [​IMG]

    ALL information required for recovery must be posted in a new thread every reply. DO NOT edit your threads with new information.

    Do not PM your information to any Admin. This will increase recovery times significantly and the information must be on the thread for future reference.


    I can't see my post -

    Reasons why you may not be seeing your post:
    1. Posts in this section have to be approved by a moderator before being publicly visible. If your request is a day or so old, it is likely it has not been approved yet. Be patient.
    2. Your thread has been answered and archived:
    3. Your thread has been deleted due to submitting multiple after being denied.
    4. Your thread didn't belong in this section and was instead moved to or (please check these before posting again).

    I don't see a template for a problem I have -

    Make a post explaining what you need help with and an Administrator will do their best to help you. Include your Sythe username!
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