READ ME BEFORE POSTING: Common Issues Solved

Discussion in 'Account Recovery & Creation' started by R, Aug 25, 2014.

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READ ME BEFORE POSTING: Common Issues Solved
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    READ ME BEFORE POSTING: Common Issues Solved

    Threads in this section require approval to be visible, wait time will be significantly lengthened if you post multiple.
    Please title your thread with your EXACT username followed by the problem. For example, "-your username- recovery" or "-your username- 2 factor issue".
    DO NOT post any private or sensitive information that you do not wish to be seen publicly - add a member of staff on Skype.

    Depending on your problem, please use the following templates:

    • Forgot password:
      1. Use the manual recovery form: Lost Password | Sythe - The Craigslist of Virtual Goods.
      2. Check your email inbox AND junk folder. This could take 5 or so minutes to arrive.

        Having problems?
        1. Post a thread from your normal, home IP address.
        2. Include your registered email, profile link and issue you're experiencing in the post.
        3. Leave your Skype name and an Administrator will contact you.

    • Forgot registered email:
      1. Post from your normal, home IP address.
      2. Leave your new desired email addresses and a password reset will be emailed to you.
      3. Leave your Skype username in case an administrator needs to contact you.
    • Two Factor Authentication removal options:
      1. Enter your long 2FA backup code that you were prompted to keep when setting up 2FA where you would normally enter your short codes.
      2. Add an Administrator on Skype (mine is Live:davefromsythe and full staff listing can be found here: if you have a Sythe Verified User rank or a Direct Paypal Donation ID.
      3. Post a dispute with as many of the following that apply to you:
        • SVU (Sythe verified user) phone number.
        • Your last IP address (you can check this here).
        • SVU Donation ID's on your Paypal receipt(s).
        • Recovery phrase

    • Says I'm Already Registered
      • Post from your usual IP
      • Supply us with an email address and desired username for your account
      • Check back for a reply and check your emails when you see one
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