[READ before posting] CS:GO Market Rules

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[READ before posting] CS:GO Market Rules
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    [READ before posting] CS:GO Market Rules

    CS:GOMarketplace rules
    These rules apply to the Steam section found here: CS:GO Market
    Forum-wide rules still apply: Site-wide rules

      • You may not put up an disclaimer that you aren't responsible if the password of an account you've sold is lost. If proof is given, you'll have to replace any recovered account you may have sold.
      • Threads with accounts that are 4 digits* or lower have to be verified by a staff member.
      • Threads that have ongoing disputes over the legitimacy of the accounts or items may be asked by a staff member to have accounts verified.

    Thread lock offences:
    Threads selling items without a picture of the items, Sythe username next to it and steam name.
    • Bulk sellers linking to their own/affiliated websites need not comply with all the picture proof requirments.
    You must have a picture of the account's CSGO rank with your steam name next to it, as well as all other information you advertise about the account.​

    This section is for CSGO skins, keys, accounts,boosting, NOTHING ELSE!​

    Permanent ban offences:
    Hacked, phished or otherwise illegitimately obtained accounts or items are not allowed.
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