~✦Premium CS:GO Server Ratings✦~

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Which of the servers listed below do you prefer to play on?

  1. Steam - Matchmaking

  2. CEVO

  3. ESEA


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~✦Premium CS:GO Server Ratings✦~
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    ~✦Premium CS:GO Server Ratings✦~

    Backstory: I was Global Elite before the rank update and Supreme after, I have played on most premium CS:GO servers.

    ✦ 4/5 ESEA - I Started out on ESEA because it was the most popular between the premium servers, I was ranked MG2 at the time and had a 60HZ monitor. IT WAS HELL however I did improve quickly because I had to adapt to some nutty fucking players, back then MG2 was nothing compared to now I was definitely out of my element playing on those servers and I probably made a lot of people mad because I was a shitter, there's no ranking system to prevent new players from getting into your games (MAYBE IT HAS CHANGED SINCE I HAVE PLAYED ESEA) so it's a hit or miss. As for the Anti-Cheat on ESEA I believe ESEA has the strongest of all the anti-cheats available & bans are publicly listed on their website. Averaged 50 ping.

    ✦ 3.5/5 CEVO - I didn't play too much on CEVO but it was, at the time, a free 128 tick league just like ESEA and FACEIT however I think their anti-cheat isn't as strong as ESEA's. I also had decent ping playing on their servers (east coast)

    ✦4.6/5 FACEIT - If I didn't have ESEA premium my second choice would be FACEIT, good ping, decent anti-cheat, people were a bit more friendly on these servers (Not completely noob friendly), CLIENTLESS, clean website with nice notification sounds when your match is ready. Reward shop available for playing their servers which mainly contained mediocre peripherals *Haven't checked their shop in a bit, could have changed*

    Post yours below, I'm curious to know about your experiences with premium servers
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