Premade Designs Marketplace Rules

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Premade Designs Marketplace Rules
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    Premade Designs Marketplace Rules

    Here are the forum-specific rules:
    • All graphic services must provide at least 1 example image. This could be an example thread layout, an avatar, a signature, etc. However, if you are providing free services it is not a must but it is still strongly recommended.
    • Ripping will not be tolerated at all. Ripping will result in a forum-ban, as well as a temporary or a permanent ban depending on the severity of the offense.
    • No pornographic/nude images are allowed.
    • Vouches for any sorts of GFX work are not permitted. However, it is strongly recommended that you leave feedback on an artist's thread.
    • All users must follow the signature and avatar size restrictions on Any signature or avatar that you sell a user must be under or equal to the maximum size, unless the user specifies the image(s) are for different use.
    • Asking for free graphics is not permitted in this section, however they may be requested in the subsection found HERE.
    • Posting "Reserved" or any other kind of catch phrase is not allowed unless you edit your work back into that post in under one week.
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