Practical vs. Idealistic & Polls in suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Govind, Jan 13, 2011.

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Practical vs. Idealistic & Polls in suggestions
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    Practical vs. Idealistic & Polls in suggestions

    The staff appreciate all suggestions. However, when making suggestions, we'd appreciate it if you accept that we are limited. We are limited in terms of time, finances and ability to implement.

    I see many suggestions which are very idealistic and envision something very great but fail to acknowledge the demands of practicality. It's a great suggestion, but is idealistic, and does not consider the complexity of the suggestion.

    In relation to suggestions, there are two type of suggestions:

    Practical Suggestions:
    Here are some examples:
    • Capitalisation of usernames for donors
    • Sticky renting
    • Special username colours for donors
    • etc.
    These suggestions are practical because we can all see that such a thing could be implemented easily. Irrespective of whether we'd want to go ahead and put these suggestions into action, we can all see that we could.​

    Contrastingly, there are...

    Idealistic Suggestions:
    Here are some examples:
    • An anti-scam machine
    • Something which goes through posts deleting spam
    The suggestions are idealistic because, as nice as they may well sound, they are impractical; they cannot be implemented easily. They would require an external modification to Xenforo or they would require an investment of time from Matthew/Sythe. Moreover, some suggestions are so idealistic that they couldn't even be implemented even if we did have the time!​

    In short, please respect our limits. If you still decide to make a suggestion which would involve modification or coding, please try to include a link to a Xenforo mod which does what you're suggesting.

    Also, please take note that polls in suggestions are meaningless as the final decision is always made by the staff and we frankly do not care about how many people support your idea.

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