Pirates of Gielinor ~ Quests-Skills-Ironman ~ AIO Service Dsicord

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Pirates of Gielinor ~ Quests-Skills-Ironman ~ AIO Service Dsicord
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    Chich Pirates of Gielinor, click here for OSRS services!

    Pirates of Gielinor ~ Quests-Skills-Ironman ~ AIO Service Dsicord

    Ahoy Maties!
    We are Pirates of Gielinor and we are a new AIO OSRS service discord that has just launched this week.

    We are a team of dedicated OSRS veterans putting our skills out for hire doing services for the community. We have years of experience in all account types and all OSRS activities. We take pride in customer service and speedy delivery times.

    If you are looking for Questing, Firecapes, Skilling, Ironman supplies, minigames, or any OSRS service join the server and make a ticket.

    We ONLY accept payments in the form of OSRS GP.

    If you are interested in our services please click below to join the discord
    (Pirates of Gielinor)

    We are doing a recruitment contest for 2 ags, and until May 1st we are doing a deal 5% off all orders to celebrate the server opening. Make sure to keep an eye on the announcements page to keep up to date with deals and promotions!
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