People should really stop...

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People should really stop...
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    People should really stop...

    So here we go again...

    Even more market manipulation. This is actually becoming quite a joke, funny but it's a joke.

    People complain it's me not knowing the rules, yet i'm what... 2-0 so far?


    So let's start with the basics

    ^ This is able to be openly found in Baods server.


    Just showing some basic stuff further more than below, where is the stuff showing that he actually does services/has a TOS/anything else? Oh wait, sponsorship.

    Dzeny bump stuff, quite clearly not for him.

    So Dzney does orders "privately" yet has no tos for us to follow or actual price. Sounds like market manipulation to me considering he is openly marketing for Baod.


    Are you sure guys?


    It doesn't even stop there, you actually had a server in return for Dz who you openly advertised for yet again.


    If I am correct by saying, this is yet again MORE market manipulation and people still don't get it.
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