PC High Level RS3 PVM Ironman 2717 TOTAL

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PC High Level RS3 PVM Ironman 2717 TOTAL
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    PC High Level RS3 PVM Ironman 2717 TOTAL

    Hiya! Thinking of selling my account soon as I've made the move to OSRS ironman recently and can't see myself continuing the progress on this account. Would be interested to know what the potential price would be for this account I've put LOTS of effort into.

    Server name: RS3

    Character name rarity: Not rare

    Account combat level:138

    Type of account: Ironman

    Holiday/Special items: N/A

    Rare/Difficult to obtain non-trade items: 2 x EOF, BOTG, GOTE, LOTD, T90 2H set, Drygores, Trimmed Masterwork, T90 armours, NMG, Cinderbanes, Wyvern Crossbow, Ascensions crossbows, Statius's Warhammer, All Relics unlocked up to Lv 99 Archaeology,
    B.I.S perks on melee. Near B.I.S perks on Mage/Ranged.

    2B of Codex's used : Greater Ricochet (1.35b), Greater Barge(350m), Greater Fury(220m), Greater Flurry(73m), Greater Concentrated Blast(70m).

    Quest Points:300 (questophobe)

    Clan and Rank: N/A

    Account wealth: 5.6B (doesn't take into account TMW, EOF's as they get deducted when worn)
    Has the XP banked for 99+ in every 'buyable' 99 left: I.e Crafting (96), Fletching (94), Construction (84), Firemaking (91).

    Amount of time botted: None

    Mute/Ban marks: One infraction on 09/07/21 for arguing with somebody, three day mute, time served.

    Email/Recovery registration: Both registered to me, will change at sale. I could even give the email with the account if necessary.

    Account age: A little over 4 years

    Other:Nothing that I can think of, just looking for a price check! Thanks for your time!
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