[PC] 8yo, Lvl 47 Steam Acc w 291 Games

Discussion in 'Price Checks' started by JustAPhatMop, Oct 10, 2022.

[PC] 8yo, Lvl 47 Steam Acc w 291 Games
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  2. JustAPhatMop
    Oct 10, 2022
    Sythe Gold:

    JustAPhatMop Newcomer

    [PC] 8yo, Lvl 47 Steam Acc w 291 Games

    Acc: Steam Community :: JustAPhatMop

    Has no VAC bans or violations so a squeaky clean record there and includes plenty of valued games notably: CS:GO, Skyrim(+SE), Borderlands 1.2.3, GTA V, Halo MCC, etc.

    Came to Sythe looking to sell my acc but unsure what I can realistically get for it so a price check would be very helpful and appreciated. Many thanks.
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