[PAYPAL] Selling 135 CHEAP! FAST!

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[PAYPAL] Selling 135 CHEAP! FAST!
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    [PAYPAL] Selling 135 CHEAP! FAST!

    I am quitting runescape and want to sell my lvl 135.
    The reason why i am quitting is because i joined the army 2 weeks ago and will be shipping out to basic training april 10th.

    I am just trying to get some extra money in the bank.
    The auto win is 100$

    PAYPAL only. I will NOT go first. You can go first or we can get an OMM.

    Best way to contact me is:
    Email me at : [email protected]
    MSN : [email protected]

    Account highlights:
    Can kill Tormented Demons!
    90 summoning for UNICORN!

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