ORB // OSRS Multi-box & Bots | HELP WANTED

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ORB // OSRS Multi-box & Bots | HELP WANTED
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    ORB // OSRS Multi-box & Bots | HELP WANTED


    WEBSITE: ORB | RuneScape® Automation
    DISCORD: ORB | RuneScape® Automation
    WIKI: Home


    Hello Sythe community - I have been working on a bot client with a dedicated multi-boxing script.
    Some personal events have occurred and I'm no longer able to commit as much time to finish this client.


    In order to not only finish the client, but also improve it I would like to add 1-2 member(s) to the team.

    I am looking for a Front-end React developer to work on the website
    (You should be able to easily create components and use APIs)

    I am looking for a Java developer to write scripts for the client
    ORB/ExampleChopper.java at main · osrsbots-com/ORB


    Primary incentive will be paid out as a negotiated percentage (10-35%) of commission from sales.
    For example, if the client is priced and sold at $100, with a rate of 25%, each sale would entitle you to $25.

    I have currently sold 15 slots.
    Payment incentives will be valid the first day after agreements.
    The platform will allow premium scripts should you want to increase your revenue on the platform.


    My primary focus will be finishing the client and API which is ~75% completed with many features, most notably;

    Proxy/Sandbox Manager
    Account Manager
    Script Manager
    Break Manager
    CLI Support
    Script API
    Dedicated Scripts
    Client Discord Notifications


    Apply by completing this Google Form
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    ORB // OSRS Multi-box & Bots | HELP WANTED

    If you are really gangster, combine barrier with VMs. One Linux computer with all the specs and a big monitor linked with 9 other shitty laptops. Have each laptop running its own VMs with however many osrs clients it can handle. Here you have a bot setup with 9^n bots running where n is how many VMs the shitty laptops can handle. All controlled on one screen with Linux Barrier.

    You can literally get $5-10 laptops off eBay and load them with Linux Ubuntu Mint by formatting the OS ISO image file onto a flashdrive and booting the shitty laptop with that flashdrive.

    Tip with BTC: bc1qsnvyh62qavqgn4xgq2qravy2uysav3z0qp4nym
    Tip with Litecoin: ltc1qx4dsvmrddg6rgefcy22ts0hamjene8a9mvmyma
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