Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator

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Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator
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    Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator

    Build Virtual Data Center and Start Earning Real Bitcoins Just For Having Fun!
    RollerCoin – Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator Game
    RollerCoin is an online,
    virtual bitcoin mining game where you compete against your friends to earn real bitcoins.
    It takes the concept of bitcoin mining,
    but instead of the sophisticated Blockchain and processing algorithms,
    RollerCoin lets you test your skills,
    complete missions, undertake tasks, and play games to earn real bitcoins.
    we have cut out the hard stuff and kept the amusement.
    Build and develop your own mining data center,
    make upgrades and tweaks to boost your mining power and compete with friends.
    No real-world set-up, no hassle - just sign up, log in,
    customize your character, and you’re ready to go.
    You’re in complete control! All play and no work - that’s our motto.
    The Rollercoin team talking.
    We are implementing a new token called RollerToken into the game
    which will be the primary currency of RollerCoin!
    If this made you start looking for a link to the white paper,
    there is none as it is not an ICO.
    We are starting this crowdsale event to give early investors a unique chance to
    acquire some of the tokens with bonus and added benefits.
    Everything will be described here, on this exact page.
    The roadmap may change but the approximate timeframe for operations has been planned:
    2019, October
    Crowdsale campaign ends
    2019, November - December
    Adding new team members, hiring freelancers, developing the statement of work
    2019, December - 2020, February
    5 new mini-games, complex system of
    rewards, new game items,
    multi-mining algorithm
    2020, February – April
    In-game marketplace,
    fully-functioning market economy with the real crypto and blackjack,
    beta-version of the mobile app
    2020, April – June
    10 new mini-games,
    launching the marketplace for mini-games,
    exchange listings preparation
    2020, June – August
    Game scaling,
    the decentralized marketplace for trading in-game items and power,
    the ability to expand the in-game space to infinity
    Assigned support
    You’ve been unhappy about delayed response time
    as we are mostly into product development and not messaging.
    We will be happy to get someone for that on board.
    Why do you need a token?
    Purchase new and used equipment.
    In-Game marketplace –
    you will have a chance to trade and exchange your items and other assets.
    Again, all operations will be conducted in RollerTokens.
    Buy upgrades, bonuses, game zones and items,
    open hidden levels and gain access to unique items and loot-boxes.
    Even ads in the game can be purchased with tokens.
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